Benoit White Chocolate Nuggets 30% 400G, Bakery Ingredients For Cookies, Biscuits And Cakes

$ 6

About this item

  • Benoit White chocolate does not contain large amounts of cocoa solids. But it does contain cocoa butter, which essentially puts white chocolate as one of the variants in the chocolate categories.
  • White chocolate contains cocoa butter, sugar, milk substance, vanilla for flavoring, and a fatty substance called lecithin. But it does contain cocoa butter.
  • Benoit’s couverture white chocolate nuggets are the perfect ingredient for you to make luscious ganache, glaze, and frosting. You can make a plethora of amazing desserts as well.
  • We use the finest raw materials, that produce top-quality ingredients. Our ingredients not only add a better flavor but also makes baking or cooking a lot more fun.
  • Use Benoit’s Couverture White Chocolate Nuggets to upgrade the taste of plain old caramel sauce. Add white chocolate to make creamier and silkier fudge.